3-note basic Arpeggios

  • "Arpeggios are melted chords, and chords are frozen arpeggios". In other words - arpeggios are just notes of a chord played individually, in a row.

  • Knowing these arpeggios will allow you to locate the root, 3 and 5 of the chord you are playing. This can be used for lead, in order to start lines from, and resolving lines on strong tones.

  • Keep practicing these shapes, until they become second nature.

  • These basic arpeggio shapes may also be used in lead to play an ascending or descending sequence - giving your solo a defined, and planned out feel. If you place the arpeggio run in the right spot, it will sound very dynamic and like you planned to make a strong statement.

  • Here is a C Major 3-note arpeggio. It has the ROOT, 3rd step and 5th step in every octave. The roots are the red notes.
    C Major Arpeggio

  • Here is the C Minor Arpeggio (The difference from C Major, is the 3rd is dropped by a semitone)
    C Minor Arpeggio

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